What would ZOË do?

As an active City Zen, I am engaged in the political process of Santa Monica and our country.  It will be reckless to write about issues without offering perspective and solutions to the problems we confront in our community.   Here, I will offer ideas to tackle those issues.  Tonight I went to City Hall for our City Council meeting and was prepared to speak on several items, however as time passed, I lost my mojo.  There are limitations to my energy. When you are an early morning bird; today I was at the gym at 4:30 Am, is likely the cancle will dim its light by 8 pm.  So, I decided from now on I will download the agenda for City Council meeting from the city’s website and comment from this platform.

It was a busy productive day, I broke my first story which was later published by the Santa Monica Mirror. I did my part and is a great way to bookend my day.  Is time to take care of myself: yoga, steam, dinner, chill, relax and sleep.  Tomorrow will be another day and whatever needs to be done will find its way to me and I will bring it to YOU because DIVERSITY MATTERS.

Citizen Activism