By: Zoë Muntaner

I am a political citizen. There is no other way to describe myself.  Well, there are other things I do, but everything I do stems from that. I wear many hats literally and figuratevely, but there is a single purpose: progressive policy.  I’m a social entrpeneur/leader of an organization that promotes compassion, an entrepeneur in media arts and communications with a boutique consulting firm, a citizen journalist who publishes a blog, a community volunteer, a political activist who has run for City Council where I was considered a political disruptor.

In the era of disruptive business, politics also has become influenced by disruption.  Hello Bernie Sanders!  Need I say more?  Data and Metrics are as much part of my daily life as field work. I walk around and use public transportation to gather stories.   Let me tell you something…we are in a political revolution.  This is as exiting as it gets, and I’m going to Philly in July to cover the Democratic Convention.

Growing up my parents exposed us to political rallies and discussion around the table.  Our first trip as a family to the United Stated included a week in Washington DC and visit to the United Nations in New York City.   Election day in Puerto Rico is a big celebration, parties all around. Mom and Dad always worked the polls while I stayed at friend’s homes whose parents were elected officials in town, it was a political boiler room.  Those seeds bloomed later in life.  That atmosphere shaped my desire to be of service at this stage of my life and be involved in the business of making my community, city, country & world, a better place through politics.  I contribute and volunteer as much as I can, it feels great to get more than I give and see policy making happen every month at City council meetings.

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” ~Pablo Picasso

There is a lot for me to learn.  I didn’t go to school for this, my interets in college were Communications and Humanities. This blog is about the intersectionality of politics and subjects I’m passionate about that make sense to me.  Art, Education, Spirituality, Technology, Business, Health Care, they are all political to me.   With each mistake, I get part of an organic curriculum on how to maneuver the laberynth of politics.  Don’t get me started with political dramas on film and TV, can’t get enough of them, a gluton for that gernre.  House of cards weekend marathons?  Count me in!

“Don’t let your learning lead to knowledge. Let your learning lead to action.”~ Jim Rohn

Someone told me at a Santa Monica City Council meeting couple weeks ago that politics is a thankless job.  Really?  I respect her point of view, but I want to share mine as well.  The fact that you can make choices and change, improve policy for generations to come, let a higher power guide the God given skills of leadership, compassion, diversity, inclusion, and perspective make a mark in the planet, and serve while you are here in this planet, is far from thankless to me. Sign me on, deal me IN! Guess what?  She agreed!

Persuassion is part of my game!

“If you’re not in the arena getting your ass kicked on occasion then I’m not interested in your feedback.”- Dr. Brené Brown