“Those who are leaders, inspire.”- Simon Sinek

Zoë Muntaner, FOUNDER

A long time Santa Monica resident, leader of Compassionate Santa Monica and only Latina who ran for a seat in the 2014 Santa Monica City Council election race, Zoë Muntaner is a speaker on media and publishing as it relates to the topics on the site. She founded NEW MOON Media & Communications, a boutique consulting firm for Public Relations, Digital Media, Advertising, Marketing, Film Production, and Publishing. Currently she is at work on a documentary film about Santa Monica elections which started filming during her City Council race in 2014.  Zoë, a bilingual Puerto Rican is an animated, articulate, and visionary speaker, who engages audiences in how to develop and broadcast their message. With social media savvy and decades of experience in business and marketing, Zoë has a great deal of value to share with change-agents and people who want to make a difference or develop a brand aligned with social justice and social entrepreneurship. Her adage is “Government should be the servant of the people, NOT the ruler of the people.” Zoë has spoken passionately, courageously, and convincingly before the Santa Monica City Council to get a unanimous vote to become the first city in Los Angeles County to sign the Charter for Compassion and on issues related to worker and animal rights.  She never cease to marvel with her warmth, presence, and ability to see the bigger picture and connect the dots.  DIVERSITY MATTERS is her first blog and global outlet, which will be launching its digital TV platform and podcast later this year.

In her free time Zoë is a skilled Storyteller who performs around Los Angeles at The Moth, BUSted and commissioned venues.  She started performing stories in New York after the insistence of friends who marveled at the twists, turns and adventures of her life.  She is as skilled in the kitchen as she is on stage and feels most alive when travelling.



A modern gypsy, Judi Jordan, magazine editor, writer, author, screenwriter of Ecuadorean, American Indian, and Jamaican roots, left the US in her 20’s for Europe where she married, traveled, and designed French Couture in Paris at Pierre Balmain, Louis Feraud, and Chloe. Judi Jordan became a journalist to support her screenwriting ‘habit,’ and discovered a love for the intimacy, and immediate gratification of the dialogue. Her first published interview was with Robert DeNiro in Paris, where she lived for 6 years. Over the years, she has contributed to numerous magazines: The Hollywood Reporter, Backstage West, LA City News, Entertainment Today, Celebrity Weekly, Star, Latino Future, Gayot, Venice, at Latin Style as Editor at Large, Estylo as “Star Style” columnist. At Real Talk LA Magazine she was Editor in Chief, and she has been West Coast Editor for Latino Leaders Magazine for a decade. She has interviewed senators, movie stars, chefs, winemakers, hoteliers, CEOs, producers, directors, firefighters, sick children, opera stars, classical conductors, and rock stars. Judi has several Historical fantasy TV projects in development with books to match.  Find more about Judi here:



Social Marketing Strategist that has taken her passion for technology, marketing and creativity to the next level by coaching her clients and teaching businesses how to leverage Snapchat as a storytelling and community building platform. She believes in leveraging Snapchat as a means to empower creativity among the masses and pave the way for ephemeral micro content to be shared. She has co-created one of the first Snapchat for Beginners courses and teaches multiple classes as an Instructor at General Assembly. As a seasoned speaker, she has spoken at numerous industry leading events such as Social Recruiting Summit, Social Media Marketing World, National Association of Broadcasters and Silicon Beach Festival.



Dr. Amir Hussain is Professor of Theological Studies at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, where he teaches courses on Islam, American Muslims, and world religions.
Growing up in Toronto’s Parkdale neighbourhood, Amir Hussain never considered academia as a career path.  After completing an undergraduate degree in psychology at University of Toronto in 1987, Prof. Hussain went on to a master’s and PhD in religious studies.  His latest book, Muslims and the Making of America, will be published by Baylor University Press in October.



Radha was introduced to Bhakti Yoga in 2008 when he was attending Penn State for his PhD in Environmental Engineering. As such, he is eager to share his knowledge and experience with university students who seek spiritual enlightenment. After graduation, he worked for an oil company for two years, but since 2013 he moved to San Diego and later Los Angeles to be serving as a monk.



“Genius might be the ability to say a profound thing in a simple way.”- Charles Bukowski


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Philippe Calland, visionary leader in Art & Philanthropy Founder of EarthWE at Bergamot Station Arts & Cultural Center, named Zoë, (our Founder) the “Latina Arianna Huffington” when she ran for a seat on the Santa Monica City Council…you’ve been warned.

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